About Us




We are wildlife photographers and nature conservationists by heart. Our names are Helle and Uri Løvevild Golman. We have always been attracted to nature, wildlife, and adventure. We love to go where few people have gone and thrive when we are there.

Our own success as humans on this planet can be measured directly in the state of nature and welfare of wildlife; the biodiversity with which we share this planet. As we believe… We are all Nature - We Are All One.

In December 2017 our lives changed dramatically as we were attempted murdered by an extremist. You can read the full story in this article.

Today we are so proud to be alive and so grateful for all the help we have received while finding “our why” again! We know now that our voices for nature conservation have become even stronger. We work with all our images in many ways: Fine art prints, abstract art, and as communication for the protection of the wild.

We are National Geographic Photographers & Explorers. 

We are founders of the WILD Nature Foundation and members of the Adventurers Club Denmark.
We give talks, feature podcasts, write books and articles.

Helle Løvevild Golman (1974) 

Near Eastern Archeologist
Educated ranger in Africa

Uri Løvevild Golman (1974)  

Graphic Designer 

Digital Image Artist