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TIGER SPIRIT is a visual journey through the wilds of India. Nature photographer Uri Golman explores the efforts being made to save some of the endangered species that still remain on the Indian subcontinent. With beautiful images of the Bengal tiger, the Indian rhino, the Asian lion and the extremely elusive Indian leopard, Uri describes a rare world that is about to disappear and will not remain for our children to experience if we do not act now. Tiger Spirit has just won the WWF's Panda Book of the Year 2011 award.

Authors: Satyendra Tiwari & Uri Golman
Format: Hardcover
Dimensions: 25 cm x 29.5 cm
Number of pages: 176
Language: Swedish
Publisher: Arktos
Published: 1st edition November 2010
ISBN-10: 879918981X
ISBN-13: 978-8799189816