WILD Nature Foundation



From Project WILD to
WILD Nature Foundation

What You Love - You Will Protect

Deeply engaged in our Project WILD, we realized that turning the project into a foundation, was a crucial step to make it last beyond our own lifetimes. Therefore, we transformed it into a nature conservation foundation. 

After we were attempted murdered on the 25th expedition there was no way that we could make that dream come true, however…

To make a long story short: Our TV producer, Celeste Pedersen, took upon herself to contact lawyer Knud Foldschack. He agreed to collaborate with us making the foundation.

We are grateful to all of our board members:

- Journalist Mikkel Beha Erichsen 
- President of the Danish Society for Nature Conservation Maria 
Reumert Gjerding 
- Chairman of The Danish Nature Fund Bengt Holst
- CEO of Liquid Minds Vibeke Nannerup
- Lawyer Knud Foldschack

- And our dedicated director Irene Greve.