Project WILD



Project WILD
What You Love - You Will Protect

WILD is our most ambitious photographic project to date, where we decided to follow our hearts and dreams; to photograph the world’s last wild places. 
25 expeditions, 5 years and on all 7 continents.

We ventured out on almost impossible assignments while carrying our mantra in our hearts:What You Love - You Will Protect”. TV came along and the nature documentary series “Our WILD World” was born.

We completed all the expeditions and barely survirved the murder attempt in Gabon, which changed our lives, but not our paths! We needed help to create our photographic masterpiece book “WILD - What You Love You Will Protect” with all our images.

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The WILD Book & the Montegrappa Pen

Our dear friend photographer Søren Solkær turned 100.000 of our images into 800. Together we selected 140 of them. These were carefully sequenced to artistically complement each other in the sense of light, emotions, and patterns.

This book would not have seen the light of day had it not been for Søren and our other dear friends: Image retoucher Eli Lajboschitz, journalist Irene Greve, adventurer Morten Kirckhoff, graphic designer Nicolai Bejder and all the kind-hearted people at Narayana Press.

The book together with Italian handcrafted Montegrappa pens will be given to World leaders and decision-makers with these words:

With this book you have the document of the World’s last wild places and with this pen, you have the power to rewrite the future of our planet!